umbrella manufacturing business plan

Umbrella Manufacturing Business Plan

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Umbrellas, being the part of the wearables almost of everyone in the rainy season, summers too. Umbrellas is been out by the early monsoons or in the late autumn in India, as due to obvious reasons of rain and heat. Earlier they used to carry only in the time of rainy days but summers in India are getting extreme year by year, so their supply and demand both increases. Umbrella manufacturing business is the need of the decade and its very basic need for the season which can be turned into the profit earning business.

There are varieties of umbrellas available in the market, so manufacturing thus can led to sell the products, but customizing as per the need and demand of the clients, market, fashion, trend etc. led to income huge money from it. So starting the umbrella manufacturing business is best idea.


The following are the case studies of the umbrella manufacturing companies in India:

# SUN UMBRELLAS: They are one of the popular brands in India, a they are known for their excellent quality production. They completed almost 135 years in their manufacturing tour since 1880. They added various unique features in their brand and products. They do have the variety of products available ranging from every perspective of size, price, quality, use, color etc.

# POPY UMBRELLAS: They are the biggest competitors to the Indian brands in the umbrella market with famous brand name. they established their business since 1945 by sir Varghese as the St George Umbrella mart but later as popy. They offer wide choices in the umbrellas like folding, classic, bubble, golf, and much more variety of patterns in it.


i) Strength

# Umbrella manufacturing business is in much demand in seasonal time.

# Umbrella manufacturing companies in India earns the huge margin of profit over this type of business.

ii) Weakness

# Umbrella manufacturing company in India takes time to grow as because of limited category.

# Umbrella has the capacity to stay durable at least 3-4 years, so this affects in the sales of the company and it reduces the intake.

iii) Opportunities

# Umbrella manufacturing business plan has the opportunity in selling the products online, while retail business is also profitable.

# Umbrella manufacturing business ideas has the scope in manufacturing other things related to this like raincoats of both ladies, gents, kids, manufacturing different customized umbrellas as per the fashion sense.

iv) Threat

# Umbrella manufacturing business has the threat from the local competitors and market tough fight.


The following are the marketing plan for the umbrella production business:

# The umbrella manufacturing business is the seasonal business as though in India, so there is not any compulsion regarding the location of the plant and its availability.

# The umbrella manufacturing must need the proactive marketing skills and promotions before the seasonal arrival. So, allowing all the goods in the market just before the arrival of the season and at initial period is the best time.

# Allowing some discounts at the initial stages helps in getting much profit and sells in greater number. Also the constant advertising helps in getting customers more in number with proper platform.

# Advertising in the places of more public or social gathering like bus stands, taxi stand, gardens, canteens, cafeteria etc. try to arrange the small stalls near the places where people mostly visits during these seasons like tea and juice corners, near ATM, grocery and retails shops, markets, saloons and Spas etc.

# For the promotions make the social media page for selling the products online and posting details too, door to door selling is profitable also. While being an online vendor at the business websites is good idea like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc.


The following are the supply chain of the umbrella manufacturing business:

# Planning: Before starting any business, there must be detailedplanning about the manufacturing business. Market study, competitors, demand and supply all these things study is essential to have in depth with proper location searching and investors for the business if there.

# Collection: When all the research and planning work is done, then their chance for the collection of all resources for the starting of the business. In this a proper supplier have to hire for the supplying of the ra material, look for the tools and appliances needed for the manufacturing process.

# Production: The production begins with the arrangement of raw material is completed and in this there is the proper balancing of the rate of the production for the desired market. As it is the seasonal useable, it is not manufactured in large quantity in Off season, as it has speed in the processing in the late autumn and early summers.

# Testing: Once the umbrellas are manufactured, they are process for the quality testing of the cloth, stiffness and its durability. Also, the warranty is also issued incase no damaged is done.

# Shipping: Then all these products are sent for the packaging with the finished goods like useable as to have more demand and value. After that they are ready to shipped to the market and further passing on.

# Chaining: Thus, the items passed through the long logistic chain having the certain chains components of wholesalers, suppliers, distributor, retailer, retailed dealer etc.

# Delivering: The last step in this chain is the delivering of the product through the retailer in the hands of the customer. While the unsold products are sent back to the producer and damage or spoil items also gets back for th replacement.


# Manufacturing unit or place

# Raw materials like cloth, canvas, sticks, plastic parts etc.

# Tools and equipment like sewing machine, cutting and fixing machine, etc.

# Electricity facility

# Packaging accessories

# Labours or workers

# Transportation facility

# Payment options

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