Welding And Fabrication Business Plan In India

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In olden times, Iron and steel was not that much in used or not very famous to everyone. but nowadays due to the less availability of the wood due to the deforestation, and also conserving nature is the motto, Iron and stainless steel has taken place of raw material. Mostly things are to be made with the Iron material and steel or their ores like aluminium. Every thing you noticed found to be of these materials other than wood or else from entrance gate to utensils used to cooking. These two components have gather the occupancy all over like gates, staircases, windows, doors, kitchen trolley, cupboards, utensils, devices, equipment etc. the reason behind using iron and steel are they are cheaply available in Indian market or preserves by reducing the wood usage, also they are durable than wood having strong mechanical strength and high withstanding capability. Thus, having so much advantages the business like them are in demand. Therefore, the welding and fabrication business which directly demands the iron and steel as raw material and also make new products from them is increasing its importance. Because of this, starting welding and fabrication business is profitable and beneficial.


The following are the case studies for the welding and fabrication:

Emtex machinery pvt ltd: this is the Delhi base organisation doing the fabrication work . they also took contracts of welding. Their speciality in assembly, casting, fabrication, machining, cable assembly. They are one of the successful firms of India in welding and fabrication businesses. Their marketing strategy is so strategic that they easily capture the market and the powerful clients.

SHANU CNC components Industry: Shanu is fully Gujarat Ahmedabad firm which is serving in the field of welding and fabrication. The company is ISO certified. they have very trained workers also with experienced staff. That experienced staffs helps them to make proper planning in the field of the competitive environment. Also, their employees are capable of doing all types of work with updated tools and machines also.



  • This welding and fabrication business can be converted into commercial big business from retailing small welding business and extended too.
  • Employment is generated from the fabrication business and wielding business
  • This workshop business generates low waste almost negligible compared to other businesses.


  • welding shop business is profitable though it has risk to start the business because high investment had to be done.
  • Welding and fabrication business needed expertise.
  • Small welding business workshops has less incentives.


  • There are lot of opportunities for the fabrication and welding business where new construction is started like commercial complexes, building. Residential apartments, malls, hospitals, etc there is need of work of welding and fabrication.
  • Making the partnership with the construction builders also increases the opportunities of working for combined projects.
  • Collaborating with the industrial sector also profitable for the welding workshops business.


  • Increasing in the prices of raw material and thus the less availability of them causes misbalance in the welding and fabrication business.
  • Due to the advanced machines and devices employment is reduced.
  • Imposing of additional taxes on the import and export of raw material by the government are also threat.


the marketing is the field which work on your products and services offered to clients/customers, so these are key points:

  1. Product: the product delivering to the clients or services providing must include the type of raw material used, its weightage, quantity of specific raw material, fabricating technique used, it’s costing according to that. Also, the welding or fabricating done must be durable, otherwise that clients which refers to the other customers provide bad reviews.
  2. Promotion: the next part is promotion it includes marketing of the business, sales promotion and sales budget. As the
  3. welding and fabricating business can used it for the marketing their additional services like aluminium doors and windows, itching work on glass, SS furniture etc. that promotes their business too.
  4. Price: the pricing is the main factor which brings more clients to the business if have reasonable pricing structure and combos offered over the additional purchase. Thus, in welding and fabricating business put the additional benefits to the customers who purchase above the average pricing and gave them wholesaler price.
  5. Place: welding and fabricating is the business where you have to deliver each and every product as workshop has the responsibility of delivering so choose the place where all wholesaler, dealer, distributors, suppliers gets their product exchange easily with less cost of transportation.


  1. Cutting: the very first step of fabrication is cutting by chiselling, sawing, laser, mills etc. all these methods are used to cut the metal and then proceed to next step.
  2. Bending: the bending is done by hammering or by press halves, tube benders, etc. and then cut parts to place bend parts specifically.
  • Assembling: assembling is done by adhesives, riveting or threaded fasteners. Thus form in sheets and structures and cutter into pieces.


  • Commercial welding workshop
  • Aluminium windows and door making
  • Making of ornamental gate
  • MIG supply business
  • SS furniture making
  • Welding protection equipment making
  • Aluminium ladder making
  • Heavy haulage trailer manufacturing
  • Remotely welding services
  • Wholesaler of raw material supply like iron and steel
  • Welding equipment and machines dealers
  • Aluminium fabrication service business
  • Underwater welding service


  1. Gumasata
  2. Municipal corporation /Nagar Nigam
  3. Business registration
  4. Certificate of occupancy
  5. Bank account
  6. LLC
  7. DBA’s
  8. GST registration
  9. Insurance


  • Welding/fabrication shop
  • Welding tools
  • Fabrication equipment
  • Protection guards like helmet, gloves, shield, boots, jacket
  • Raw material like iron, steel, aluminium
  • Labours
  • Electricity supply
  • Heavy Transportation loading vehicle

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