Innovative Idea generate solution for the problem and each solution is a business in form of service, product. This web portal is social solution for the young entrepreneur to get interaction with expert of same profile. Consultant of business idea helps this entrepreneur from basic understanding, marketing, and machine / equipment requirement. We have classified business into few categories:

  1. Service: People earn money by doning work for someone as per skills / tools.
  2. Product: People earn money by giving any finished product either household good, machine, technical, etc. 
  3. Home based: People earn money by doning work from home as per skills / tools.
  4. Zero Investment: People earn money without any investment, in this type people share knowledge.
  5. Software: People provide soft solutions in form of website, desktop, mobile app.
  6. Retail: Saling of particular category finished product is done by this field of people.


Home Based Business Idea List

Service Based Business Idea List

Retail Business Idea List

Product Based Business Ideas List

We invite consultant to join this platform and share their valuable experience its free platform.  Entrepreneur gets proper advice from list of consultant from any remote area.