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Good content writers are invited to publish their original content-related business model, some innovative ideas, product, service, etc. MyB2B is a platform that accepts content so individuals submit guest post on this platform under the following set of rules:

  1. Content should be related to some business activity, so young entrepreneurs get inspired by such business.
  2. Submit post should have original content with the fruitful relevant sentence.
  3. As a single image speaks a thousand words so images are also acceptable having a minimum of 200x200 dimension to 700x700 dimension.
  4. The author can highlight some of the important points of content in Bold, color, etc.
  5. The minimum length of the content should be 1000 words.
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  8. MyB2B publish content by two means
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  • Paid content publication in this content gets live in 24 hours after acceptance.
  1. The author can put a maximum of two backlinks in their content. One is Nofollow and the other is dofollow.
  2. Content life on the portal is one year both for the free and paid category. After one-year subscription needs to renew.


We are inviting a good content writer to introduce small business ideas that can help entrepreneurs to get more earnings from existing businesses. Real estate submit guest post content is also published as it's also a great business to do the work without heavy investment by selling/ renting a property. Digital marketing submit a guest post is also a field for improving any type of business authors can submit posts related to their business some promotion of service or product. Many types of work may lead to earning money by proving service, by production all need some type of marketing to increase reach and get more customers. This platform provides information about such a set of business ideas that help each other. In the end, write for us small business ideas with some fruitful output to the society. So send your article with images to

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