jaggery production business plan

Jaggery Production Business Plan

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In India, traditionally sugar was not the solution for the sweetness added to the dishes, but our ancestors women used to add jaggery. The reason behind addingjaggery to products as because of its nutritional and medicinal application, also has too much importance in Ayurveda. Later the invention of the polished sugar from the same sugarcane earlier used to manufacture jaggery starts to begin. Still, majority of diet and health conscious people used to prefer the jaggery and India mainly exports it also. Thus, starting the jaggery production business is profitable. The jaggery business can set up in any part of India easily due to availability of plenty of sugarcane and resources, thus jaggery making business is best idea to start in small investment in India.


The following are the jaggery production business:

# AMBIKA JAGGERY: They are one of the chief suppliers and manufacturers of jaggery in India. They guarantee about their products quality as the 100 % assurance. They are the Maharashtra city Ahmednagar based firm which are incorporated since 2007. They manufactured almost every time and variety of jaggery in the region.

# HAANI INDUSTRIES: They are the Punjab based north region firm, which manufactures the best jaggery in their region. They are known for their pure and organic contents they used for the production purpose. They too have received the many awards for the quality, taste, service etc.


i) Strength

# Jaggery manufacturing business is easy to cost in minimum cost and efforts.

# Jaggery production business plan can set up by any one at any place.

# Jaggery manufacturing unit doesn’t require any special education for the employees to work as it can overcome through practice and experience.

ii) Weakness

# Jaggery business profit is in limit at the starting period of the business, as in starting due to limited clients and margin of profit.

# Jaggery production business is not that much easy to maintain due to overall expenses.

iii) Opportunities

# Jaggery business in India has the opportunity in selling online and at the physical market both.

# Jaggery production business has the scope in selling at hotels, cafeteria, tea stalls, street food stalls, homes, school and college canteens, food mess, etc.

iv) Threat

# Jaggery production business has the threat from the competitors and their competition.

# Modern cooking techniques brings down the usage of jaggery at negligible place.


The following are the marketing plan for the jaggery production business:

# While promoting for the business, make sure the samples would be distributed for the trial purpose with the good quality as to have the trust over the quality assurance. For this visit food places like restaurants, hotels, cafeteria, tea stalls, street stalls, homes, food exhibitions, social programs etc.

# Make the registrations on the B2B websites for the online selling of the products. Start preparing and manufacturing similar products as to support the business-like variety of items from jaggery like jaggery powder, sweet dishes from jaggery, for various dishes and purposes.

# Try to build the strong network on the social media of customers, suppliers, distributors, and clients, investors etc. maintain the sweet relations with them and have the professional strong bonding of the deals.

# Make the hoardings and banner paste at the very corner of the public places and near the residential area of the business. Also make aware the people mainly women about the discounts and lower pricing of the quality products available at your store. Encourage them to buy the product or gave them the sample for the trial.

# Take the regular feedback from the customers about the taste, price, features, quantity available, quality and packaging. Try to improved over it and ask employees to have maintain good services.


The following are the supply chains factors of the jaggery production business:

# The planning of the business is an essential step to be followed for the successful running of business. The planning should be done marketing tactics, market demand, need of the public, quality and rate determination.

# Once they are planned, have the preparation for the owning of the place for the production set up. The location must be suitable for the production of jaggery with all weather conditions favourable (as in high temperature it becomes sticky and difficult to packed).

# When all the plant is set up and resources are arranged, there begins the production of jaggery business. In this process they are heated up to certain extent for the making of jaggery.

# As the process complete, the quality assurance is check as per the FSSAI guidelines and make sure it is not adulterated. Also, the preservation techniques are adopted over it for the freshness of it.

# Then they are released for the packaging of the product to delivered them to the customers. Also, they passed through the long logistic cycle of suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and finally to customers.


# Production unit and place

# Raw materials

# Machines and tools

# Electricity supply

# Labors

# Packaging utilities

# Transportation facility

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