Rabbit Farming Business Plan

Rabbit Farming Business Plan


The Complete Guide to rabbit farming business plan 

IF you are one of those who want to start a rabbit farming business then you are on the right page. Today we will guide you about the rabbit farming business plan. In this article, you will learn about several breeds of rabbits, the cost to start a rabbit farm, profits, care, and safety of rabbits.

Why Rabbit Farming?

Rabbit is basically raised for their meat, fur and as a pet. For example, Angora rabbit is famous for its excellent quality of fur and the meat of rabbit is in demand as it has high protein content in it. If you are one of those who want to start any farm business but have a limited budget and space rabbit farming business plan is the best option for you. As these animals generally requires less care and space. You can also raise them in any type of climate and you will surely enjoy raising this beautiful and fun animal.

This business  requires comparatively less capital and is a profitable business too. There are two major methods to raise the rabbits (deep litter system and the cage system) and both of them require shelter and a cage to save them from predators. The farming can be done with few rabbits and as their breeding capacity is high one can expect many rabbits in about a month or two. A female rabbit is capable of giving up to 8 babies in just a single month. Rabbit farming is also convenient in terms of feeding them. They require some easily available food grains, and green fodder, and vegetable wastage which is cheap.

Advantages Of Rabbit Farming Business Plan 

  • Highly profitable business as a female rabbit can reproduce 25 babies in a single year
  • Less space and low investment as the business can also be started in the backyard of your house or on the terrace
  • No need for any educational qualification as a simple farmer can easily understand about the rabbits
  • Instant Income
  • Great scope in the market
  • Good manure as their bi-product which can be sold to other farmers
  • Less feeding cost
  • Its mind relaxing to watch them

Rabbit Farming Business Plan – Which Breed Of Rabbit Is The Best

Before beginning a rabbit farming business plan you haveto decide which breed of rabbit is the best to raise to maximize the profit. Some breeds of rabbits have excellent quality fur while some have a good quality of meat and some are considered best as a pet. Also you have to decide the purpose of your rabbit farming that whether you want fur, meat, or to sell them as a pet. Then choose the suitable breed of rabbit for farming. Here are some commonly known breeds-


Meat weight (in pounds)

About the breed

New Zealand white


Commonly raised for meat

Californinan rabbits


Possess good quality meat

The Americian Chinchila


Best breeds to raise

Silver foxes


Have silver body with black shading and are raised for meat

Champagne d argent


Available in cream, chocolate, and white colors

Cinnamons rabbits


Good meat producer in quantity

Satins rabbits


Available in blue, red chocolate, black and are raised for meat

Rex rabbits


For meat and fur

Palomine rabbits


Meat producer

Flemish Giants


Large sixed breeds, raised  for meat


Apart from this, you should know that Grey Giant, Flemish Giant, Dutch, New Zealand Red, White Giant, Soviet Chinchilla are also some of the popular meat and fur-producing rabbits. You should know if you want to raise these rabbits as a business you have to choose such breeds that are fertile productive, and able to grow in less time to obtain maximum profit from them.

Basic Requirement for rabbit Farming Business Plan

The following are the compulsory products and facilities that you need to provide rabbits.

Rabbit Kittens: at least 50-100 rabbits gives a good profit

Food: you will need little investment for this.

Containers; to feed the rabbits

Shed: you have to make a shade for the rabbit to keep them safe from the climatic changes. You have to sprinkle some antiseptic sprays to keep rabbits safe from disease and predators such as insects. It is recommended to clean the shade regularly

Cages: to protect them

Feeders: to provide them with water

Diseases in Rabbits

Diseases in rabbits can affect the output of your business. It is better to keep precautions to raise rabbits in a healthy environment as a diseased rabbit will provide you with less meat weightage and poor quality fur. Here are some common diseases as concerned with rabbits-

  • Rabbit CalicivirusMyxomatosis
  • Uterine Tumours
  • Hairballs (Trichobezoars)
  • Snuffles
  • Overgrown Teeth
  • Calicivirus

Care of Rabbits:

Many of the businessmen fail in rabbit farming business plan as they do not know how to take care of the rabbits and provide them adequate food so they reproduce quickly. Here are some of the tips that you have to follow-

  • Buy a high-quality breed of rabbit that is fertile
  • At least start the farming with 500 rabbits for good returns
  • Feed them with a cheap and easily available food
  • Get them inspected by the vet regularly
  • Get them vaccinated
  • Inspect them regularly

Rabbit Farming Business Plan Pdf Budget And Profit Analysis:

It is better to start a rabbit farming business through a buyback model. There are some farms and companies in India that offer such services to farmers. In this, they sell you the rabbit babies and also perform regular visits for medical check-ups of rabbits and at last buy them back when they become older at their pre-defined company rates. Here is the sample analysis of investment and profit of with such companies.

Packaging Details: I unit cage that consists of 10 rabbits. Gage is of 9x4x1.5ft height with medicines. The minimum order quantity should be 50 units or 500 rabbits.

  • 1 female gives birth to 6 children at 1 time
  • 35 females will give to 210 child
  • So 35x8times= 1680
  • 1680 child will gain x 3kg in 4 months- 5040 kg of live weight
  • The company purchases at 200 rs/kg
  • You will get 5040x200=1008000 R in 4 months


I hope that now you have gained enough knowledge about rabbit farming business plan. In case you still have doubts regarding this or any other business you can consult MyB2Bidea as they have a team of experts to guide you regarding this business and they also know where you can get rabbits, and their related accessories of good quality and at a low price to start your business.