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Day Care Business Plan

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Nuclear family is living in city where male are working to fulfill financial requirement while females are also working to support or strength the status of family. So a condition where both hasband and wife work gives a opportunity to Day care Business idea.  As child care is done by women so this business plan is for them only. Hence I suggest people that involve women in this work before start either your mother, sister, wife. Hence people can start this work from their own home without any investment of office or shop. To get output in terms of money business required three things:

  1. # Care
  2. # Security
  3. # Learning

A earning family can pay a handsome amount to the day care center as they need above three major points.


In most of metro cities society allow these kind of services which are familiar and need of working spouse. Some of industries provide similar services to their worker. Hence children care is always a successful business model which literally not need any experience, knowledge, infrastructure, team, technology. Some of running business models are:

  • # Children Lighthouse: This is chain of Day care center run more than 40 Centers around the United States. They train there employee for care of xhild from 6 month to 12 years of age. These day care are highly professional and provide service to society, industry, firms, etc,
  • # Kindergarden: This is India based day care school which provide pre-school service with day care facility. So same premises have multiple utilization to earn.
  • # Jhula Ghar: This is home based day care service provider where people use hall of their room to take care of childs who live nearby area. This type of service provider not need very profession have no staff and do this work as part time job.

There are three types of Day care centers:

  1. # Full time
  2. # Drop in Care
  3. # After School


This work need mouth publicity which need time so for beginner they can provide there service by following below steps:

  1. # Make facebook page and join local area people.
  2. # Put regular photos of activity on facebook page
  3. # Create whatsapp group and inform parents by photos, video
  4. # Organize small events for kids, so near by area families come to know about your work
  5. # Decorate kids room by cartoon, put separate room for child sleeping
  6. # Teach student like Number, Poems, Alphabets, Manners, etc.
  7. # If possible than configure live camera in classroom for the parent security
  8. # Toys, slider, sand area, birds, etc attract childs
  9. # Show case old child photo in banner
  10. # Staff should be in dress with Id-card, increase parent trust
  11. # Try to maintain this service by Female staff only

So above marketing plan increase your presence in the area. None of idea is costly, while put an positive impact on parent mind.


i) Strength

  • # One time investment in Toys, Decoration
  • # New admission throughout the year
  • # Low investment business

ii) Weakness

  • # Anyone can start this business from home
  • # Need separate space in house to run this service

iii) Opportunity:

  • # Customers are in local area
  • # Start from your own home no need of shop or showroom
  • # Family growth is continuous process
  • # No need of specific skill to run this child care center

iv) Threat:

  • # Caring naught child is tough
  • # Very small child like one year old or less need one person to handle (So special trick required for these childs)
  • # Security of child is major issue (fighting with other child as child can hit anything to other, picking and dropping of child, feeding/food) 


Facilities and Space: One separate room/Hall in home, showcase, Toys, Kitchen (Freeze/Heater), Bags, Chairs, Table, Sleeping beds.

Equipment / Technology: Optional (Computer, projector, AC, Camera, sound system)


  1. # Security Deposits
  2. # Discount
  3. # Late submission (Returning)
  4. # Damage issue
  5. # Transport / Delivery / Receiving conditions
  6. # Transparency of picking / Dropping child
  7. # Refund of amount
  8. # Prior Seat booking rules

7. Legal Needs:

As per Indian Norms

  1. # Maternity Benefit Act 2017 (Ministry of Women and Child Development)
  2. # Register to local government Body (Municipality/ Nagar Nigam/ Panchayat)


  1. # Rental charge
  2. # Electricity
  3. # Staff salary
  4. # Transport (Optional)
  5. # Internet (Optional)
  6. # Cleaning (Room, Clothes)
  7. # Accessories (Pencil, Rubber, Copy, loose Pages, Colors)

Some of Basic question one should find before they start there work are:

  1. # What type of service one can start for the work? (Pre-School / day Care)
  2. # Target audience? (After School, Full Time)
  3. # Picking and Dropping medium? (Home / Center )
  4. # Calculation as per type of student and number of days?
  5. # How much money one should take as deposit against admission? How to calculate it?
  6. # How to maintain student?
  7. # Online startup webportal solution?
  8. # Digital marketing support of work?

Get answer of above question from industry people of same domain by paying 4$ or 300 Rs.

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