how to make candle at home for business

How To Make Candle At Home For Business

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The western countries have huge demands for the candles,as they used them for the worshipping and the decoration purpose. In Asiatic cultures lanterns and oil lamps are preferred for the worshipping, so here candles are not that much popular. But in the recent decades, there has been huge changes occurred as many people rehabilitate over all the globe and thus demand for the product changes and increases. In India, candles now have been used for the decorations of homes, party, office, festive environment. Candle business has easy to set up and requires low investment. This business is best for them who has low capital and wanted to start manufacturing firm.

Candle is basically a embedded wax embellished with ignitable wick, which gives light with some lenient aroma. The candles manufacturer known as chandler. There has been stand which known as candle holder as to hold the candles and varieties as been available to them also.


The case studies are as follows:

VIRGINIA/WOODWICK CANDLES:as the name suggest they are originally from Virginia since 1990. There marketing and sales strategy adopted makes them to over all brands. They are best known for their quality brands and the goods they produce. Apart from that they examined for their services and customers satisfaction.

CIRCLE E-CANDLES:They are the among the one of the famous brands globally. They are known for their stylish mould and the containers they made with glass. They designed customised candles also. Their speciality is signature linbe of square jar which is uniquely designed to allow candle top rest on its lid. They keep on introducing new fragrances and essences. Their each product has fine wine, distinct colour, bouquet and ambience.



  • Start-up or initialising this business is budget friendly or with low investment.
  • Can be started at household level or MSMEs business also.
  • Online business is also too profitable for this product.


  • The product didn’t include in the list of essentials and of basic needs.
  • The frequency of buying them is not consistent.
  • The raw material availability is problem sometimes.


  • Referring the ecommerce background for the increasing sales.
  • Make the arrangements for the retail shop or contacting them for the supply.
  • Contacting the local home decors, florist, event management firms, and wholesalers for the demand.
  • The candles are mainly used for worshipping so settling small store or stall nearby churches is the best option.


  • The economic downturn can affect this business.
  • While transporting there must be careful loading and unloading of goods as they are delicate.
  • Preventing them from high temperature exposure before the use.


There are varieties of machine available for the production of candle and choosing best and suitable for the business makes business efficient:

  1. Manual machine: they are varieties of them available on production basis, by rate of production select the efficient one. In this machine raw material have to put by hands and then machine brings those into making candle and moulding. After that have to bring manually one by one candle and packaged it. Suitable for the MSMEs and household businesses.

Rate of production: 300 -1800 pieces /hour

  1. Semi-automatic machine: this machine is more advance than the manually operated one with greater efficiency and production. They are most accurate also. They have the additive feature of cooling system with water supply and also, they are user friendly. Suitable for the small firms and medium scale factories or companies.

Rate of production: 3000 -8000 pieces /hour

  1. Fully automatic machine: they are fully automatic as no need of raw material or cooling. they do all the task by automatically. They are made from the fine quality of material and the with more accuracy. The speciality of those machine are they have quality of producing candles of different shape and of customised also.

Rate of production: 12000 -14400 pieces /hour


The following are the basic components for the supply chain:

  1. Plan: the firm that has needed the features of supply chains must done planning to achieve the market and customers. The planning must be done of customers’ demands, market competitions and the resources available. The services which needed to provide must be in concerned with products and pricing.
  2. Source: the source acts as the main too in the supply chain,as it provides the supplier. The best the supplier the better the quality of goods and the manufactured items. The provider must supply with proper pricing of raw material and the of suitable quality.
  • Manufacturing: the manufacturing of candles is not that much difficult part in this process, just as it must be in perfect shape,colour and aroma, as to attract maximum buyers. In the manufacturing candles must be properly manufactured, test, package and then send for the further delivery.
  1. Delivery: at the time of delivering of candle the loads must be packaged properly as many not cause any damaged to internal material and product. Also, candles are delicate must be delivered with care and under cool or normal temperature storage.
  2. Return: the product that are damaged or unsold items need to be returned to the factory and by then firm must be bring changes about the quality and packaging of material. The network must be strong enough to managed supply chain of return and exchange smoothly.


  • manufacturing plant
  • candle making machine
  • candle moulds of different varieties
  • aroma essential oils or items
  • raw material (candle wax, thread)
  • electricity supply
  • labour
  • transportation facility
  • packaging essentials


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