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How To Start An Online Yoga Business

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Nowadays, due to increase in the population there has been lot of increase in the health issues of the people. But population is not the only reason for this, as almost more than half of the population learns stressful and busy life. They have no time to relax and increasing stress in the jobs of the corporates or any fields. Then there arises the need of the yoga and meditation like practices, which helps in soothes the body and mind.

The Yoga is been practicing since the ancient period in India, but now western world has the influence of it. They started practicing this and thus yoga has become the source of the money earning. As it has lot of uncountable benefits and helpful to body, mind; it is in much demand.


The following are the case studies of the yoga classes business in India:

# BODHI WELLNESS CENTRE PVT LTD: They started in the year 2013 and franchising since 2019. In this short period, they have almost 100 units of the franchise. They started with the initial investment of the 10 lakhs. They have their studios in the Hyderabad and Bangalore. They retreat people with the yoga therapy and make them to fight the various diseases.

# AURO STUDIO:  They started in the year in 2018 with the same amount of the 10 lakhs. They have their 10 units of the franchise. They set up the modern yoga studio that teaches traditional and modern yoga both. With that they teach the Zumba, and dance, Aerobic like entertainment fitness practices.


i) Strength

# Yoga classes business plan has the priority to start in any open space or do commercial set up.

# Yoga class business bay has the much of advantage as it is much demand.

ii) Weakness

# Free yoga classes business card need time to get the customers and publicity in the nearby market.

# Improper moves if taught to any ill patients results in his health risk, has the most disadvantage to this yoga classes business.

iii) Opportunities

# Starting a yoga studio business has the scope in setting up studio at the residential area, society’s gym near, near the fitness garden, etc.

# Yoga classes business has the opportunities in taking free or paid seminars of the students and the elders in schools, colleges, corporates offices, clubs etc.

iv) Threat

# The main threat to yoga classes business is from the local yoga studios that are setting up or in existence.

# Online and free you tube tutorials makes the loss and attract the more audience in the free sessions.


# For setting up any yoga studio, the place must be felt good, as it must be free from chaos of city, like sound free of vehicles, public, and many more. There must feel refreshing and peace in the atmosphere.

# For this the interior or exterior must be sound proof, so that external voice not allow to disturb the inner peace. There should have all the modern and traditional yoga tools and equipment’s like mats, blocks, supports etc.

# After the place finishes up there must be location of the place near the any residential area, fitness garden or club, society offices and many more publica places should be near, to get easy clients.

# The promotions to be done by promoting on the social media accounts like Instagram, twitter, Facebook etc. putting the status on the WhatsApp and contacting the knowns and required peoples is also the good option.

# The mentors in the studios must be experienced one with all the knowledge and practice of ongoing trend and demand of the customers. They must be flexible one to adopt to new and different.

# At the initial stages of the studios classes make the lower rates for the customers, so that they can easily have the sample classes.


# Yoga studio

# Necessary accessories like yoga mats, blocks, support, music system.

# Trainers/mentors.

# Other facility likes online sessions, home yoga service sessions, specialized trainers etc.

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