How To Start Fishery Business

how to start fishery business, how to start fish farming in india


The Perfect Guide to how to start fish farming

The demand for Indian breeds of fishes is expected to increase further. India has several natural rivers, ponds, and water bodies and so you can start a fish farming business plan in India without any problem and can earn tons of money. 

Advantages of Starting  fish farming business

  • The demand and price of commercial fishes are high in India as it’s the staple diet of many people here.
  • The Indian climate is best suitable for fish production
  • Water in India is available in plenty
  • Several breeds of fishes can survive in our Climate
  • People with jobs can also pursue this farming as a side business
  • Government funding and training is available for this farming in India

How to start a fishery business?

Before planning to open your fish farming business you have to construct a pond and select the species of the fish which you would like to breed. You also have to decide that whether you want to do fish farming on any agricultural land or want to learn how to start biofloc fish farming. Both types of farming have their own advantages and one can start a fish farming business with a minimum of ½ acres of land and between 3 lacks-5 lacks investment. The government, fishery department, and NABARD offer loans at cheaper rates to Indian farmers to boost this farming in India. 

How to Construct the Pond:

A pond is a major necessity for fish farming. You have to decide whether you want to construct a pond or want to use ponds that are found naturally. If you are constructing a pond clean the base of the pond and fill it with water with an accurate PH level of the water. Such knowledge will be provided to you from any government-authorized fish training institutes of India. 

Species of Fish:

There are several breeds of commercial fishes are available in India which are suitable to survive in this climate. Some common fish species of India are Rheu, katla, Carp, Shrimp, catfish, and many more. You need to search your market to decide which breed of fish will provide you with better results. Remember to learn the diet necessity of the fish that you have decided to breed.


Along with proper feeding, a fish pond requires good care and management. You have to maintain the Ph level of the water between 7 to 8 which is considered best for fishes. You have to cover the pond from the top and sides to save them from predators. And the most important is to keep them fit by putting medicines into the pond whenever necessary. The place for marketing such fishes is the wholesale market in your city. You can also do online marketing of your fishes.


I hope that now you are well aware of how to start fish farming. With all the above knowledge and proper training, you will surely make a huge profit from fish farming.