Mobile Tempered Glass Making Machine

Mobile Tempered Glass Making Machine


Where I Can Get Mobile Tempered Glass Making Machine To Start My Business

Are you planning to start a mobile tempered glass manufacturing business and are searching for how to start tempered glass manufacturing business in India then you are on the right page as today we will guide you to open tempered glass manufacturing business and what are the machines that you will require to open this business. Through this business, you can earn up to 50,000 per month but this income depends on the quality of machines, your set up area, supply-chain, and marketing

For this business, first of all, you have to know where you can get an excellent quality machine and mobile tempered glass raw material in India. Choosing an excellent quality machine is essential and it will decide the profit of your business. MyB2Bidea is the best place where you can get all the raw materials and mobile tempered glass making machine low price you will need at good prices. They also assist and guide you through a live chat support system to run this business as they have an expert team for it.

Budget Estimation:

This business idea requires a minimum of 2.5 to 3 Lakh of investment. This investment will divide into-

  • A good quality mobile screen guard making machine- ranges from 1.80 to 2 lakh
  • A good computer with tempered glass manufacturing software- nearly 30,000
  • Cost of tempered glass sheet- nearly 50-60 rupees per piece or bundle
  • Electricity cost depends on your state but the mobile glass making machine does not require a 3-phase connection
  • Labor cost- nearly 350 rupees per day
  • Delivery cost- depends on the location of the dealer

How to choose the best mobile screen guard manufacturing machine?

This machine will be the primary unit of your business and it will decide the profit of your business. So you have to consider these factors before you buy a mobile phone tempered glass making machine

  • The machine should take less place to install and consume less electricity
  • The machine that requires minimum labors (only 1-2 works are sufficient to use the machine)
  • High capacity to produce the glass sized cuttings in one cycle(20-30 is best)
  • Less wastage (full sheets should be utilized)

How to choose the computer:

There is no need to buy any advanced processor to run the tempered glass software any computer with general configuration will easily run the software. Also, remember that you may not need to buy the software as many companies supply the software with the machine. The software orders the machine to cut the sheets into entered size. You can also use this pc to update your company details such as accounts, the salary of workers, attendance, production per day, etc

Production Cost:

  • A single sheet will provide you with a maximum of 5 to 6 glass covers. WE will calculate the production cost if you are making a glass cover for Samsung mobiles.
  • Cost of tempered glass sheet- 10
  • Machine and production cost rupees(machine takes 3 to 5 minute to print 5-6 covers
  • Expert cost-nearly 10 rupees
  • Total Production cost will be between 20 to 30 rupees

Profit Calculation:

  • You can easily sell one piece between 60 to 100 rupees based on the and one-sheets gives you 6 covers
  • So cost for producing 6 piece= 6(piece) x 60 rupees
  • Profit = 360-150=210 rupees(for one sheet that makes 6 pieces)
  • For 100 sheets= 210rsx100=21,000 rupees


You can easily sell these covers in local mobile stores that deal with mobile accessories. For bulk selling, you can try online e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipcart. You should know the fact that online marketing is easier and you can easily increase your customer circle than offline marketing. You can also make a cheap website with your company name for online marketing.

About Registration and Licence:

You will be relaxed to know that there is no need to get any type of license for this business as a mobile screen guard making machine is considered the safest machine to operate and the product obtained is also safe to use. However, you have to get your business registered to operate this business and it also is helpful to you for getting a loan for this business from the bank if you wish to expand your company in the future. AT the beginning of the business it is best to choose sole-proprietorship for this you have to visit the registration office with your pan card, aadhar card, and address proof with passport size photos. For GST you may need a passport size photo and proof of bank account.


Finally, I hope that now you have complete knowledge of this business and you are also aware of the place where you can get mobile tempered glass making machine and mobile tempered glass raw material in India