how to start a laundry business from home

How To Start A Laundry Business From Home

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Laundry, the word gets its existence from the day humans starts wearing clothes. As day by day things change clothes had been add to basic needs of man with food, water, shelter. So laundry is like a parasite for the host clothes.

Nowadays, due to corporate world, people have been so engaged in their office activities that they hardly get time to spend with their families. So they preferred to put all their household work aside or engaged that to other paid fellows. Thus demands laundry more. Also in this modern world laundry is thus emerging so highly.

Laundry the word arises from old French, meaning who washes linen. Basically ,laundry is a washing of clothes, garments and other is done in a room that is settled  for that reason. This work is usually highly racist ,as always women are understand to responsible for the work.

In India, this has been done traditionally from early times. Laundry were usually done by mens which were titled as dhobi wallas and the places they do laundry where recognised as dhobi ghat. As same the Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai.

Laundry business has had  in the decade ,since people have no time for washing, dry cleaning and ironing . Thus this business line is great to invest as solution to many people’s tensions. that is why it is so high on demanding and growing field in every city. 


As this business is the need of the decade, it has been facing tough competition. So to fulfil its criteria we have to take some measures regarding the same.

  • # Direct reference :The direct reference points that ,those who have direct contact with Society’s head(residential building society), Boarding schools and college hostels, hospitals, commercial buildings (as they have uniform though eg: banks, malls).
  • # Ratings and reviews: If any business organisation once achieve good reviews then automatically business starts growing.
  • # Offers: Most attractive form of growing business is putting discounts and having sales. as Indian clients and customers attracts more easily to it ,even to start ups also.
  • # Others: This, may also include that if you put extras on any order like, over cleaning and dry cleaning, ironing is free. Or having best service providers.

Intense marketing: You have tovery critical marketing. Every where you have to visit personally for customer source. If found have to convince them. Once agreed you have make them impressed by your skills.

Customize service: for every customer, if he demands something different you have to obey it as per the need. As a start up you have approved customise plans and packages.

Contacting referrals : If you have any contact in nearby industries, company, hostels, boarding schools etc then take their reference for the customers. take reference from many ,your neighbours their contacts use them .

Attractive Discounts :Allow attractive offers and discounts on the products. Make them look attractive by the price and features. Recreate their ideas.

Social media :Youcan use social media as possible as you daily advertisements of your business on daily basis. Send it your all contacts and relative. Make them to do post it.

Application tools usage : Once you start increasing your clients develop an app .it will be beneficial for you and your clients.

Pickup and delivery: Appointdelivery boys for fast and easy pickup and delivery .so that your reviews are good. Clients starts paying you more.

Regular feedback: Take regular feedback from that you can overcome your lacunas and your services gets improved.


i) Strength :

  • # Daily requirements of clean and iron dry clothes to corporates and students .
  • # Initial capital requirement is low.
  • # No skill labour required.
  • # Not risky business.
  • # Anyone can start this business, as no specific experience require.

ii) Weakness

  • # High management requires.
  • # Have tough competition.
  • # Margin of profit is less for few months.

iii) Opportunities

  • # When new firm is open in your nearby areas.
  • # Increasing no of hotels ,saloons and malls in your surroundings.
  • # When you have nearby residential building having plenty of corporates.

iv) Threats

  • # Sometimes accidental, damage of clothes of clients. For which you have to full pay the amount loss or accident penalty.
  • # Also sometimes you have not checked the quality of clothes then its colour blocked to other clothe, so chances of having shrinkage.
  • # Though it doesn’t happen usually, but have chance of exchanging clothes.


i) Laundry process:


2)washing with water containing detergents or other chemicals.

3)Agitation and rinsing

4) Drying



7)Sorting  and delivery



As per the Indian Norms :

  • # Gumasta
  • # Municipal/Nagar Nigam Registration.


  • # Labour capital
  • # Initial capital for any place to wash clothes
  • # Tools / Equipment’s (washing tools or can use washing machine also)
  • # Chemicals
  • # Water supply or storage facilities
  • # Electricity
  • # Delivery or pickup sources.

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