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Photography Business Ideas In India

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Photography is a new business invented in the last century. It is just that concepts are new otherwise idea is same as traditional. As in older times our ancestors you to call painters and sketchers to draw their portraits during functions and ceremonies, same as like we call photographers to shoot or record our important memories.

In this world of show off, the photography is like a proof for them to show their high standards and prestige. Also, it brings memories of important events in our lives back and we can refresh it any time. Album is the part of most expensive thing in our live as it settles down our whole life from childhood to our death. Thus, these reasons make photography very prestigious and growing business.

This business is also becoming one of the highest grossing business as every where photography is done like from education sector, film world, medical research, sports area, etc. have a look at this example there are various online tutoring channels are developed they took the help of cameraman to shoot their lecture and upload it online; also in sports all live events are covered by news channel with cameras only. Thus, it is emerging its importance daily.


The photography business is widely spread.

  • what particularly you have to do?
  • What type of photography business you want to start? marriage, wild life, modelling, filming?
  • # What is your working station? Want to set up studio or work from home?
  • # What is your initial capital for the project?
  • # What type of clients you going to approach?

 Firstly, you have to decide the answers of these questions. Then according to that your actions are needed. As like you want to do marriage photography and you waste all your investments in studio making, as this sense idiotic and one more you want to do fashion photography and you don’t have any commercial place for it to shoot. So to avoid these types of mistake you need deep planning.

These are the goals you need to work on :

  • # Survey : you have to do deep survey of what is most useful need of your locality and according to that setup your business. Also make the survey of type of clients you are getting and their budget.
  • # Advertising: Do as possible as advertisement, so that it can reach maximum people. May be it on local news channel, newspapers, pamphlets , social media.
  • # References: use your contacts to get new customers. Find new clients with help of your neighbours and friends relatives also.
  • # Camera and other tools: use the cameras of high quality and of latest technology. Don’t compromise with the camera’s quality and its features. Keep your studio updated with latest tools and machineries.
  • # Skilled employees: your workers must be passionate about their work and they must be skilled in their job. They know all the latest updated trends in market.


i) Strengths:

  • # The business is less risky as compared to others.
  • # Highly profitable type of business.
  • # You can expand it very wide.
  • # It can be started at both high level company or small home side business also.
  • # Needs no extra expenditure other than cameras buying.

ii) Weaknesses:

  • # It requires very technical employees for editing and shooting purpose.
  • # This business requires special specialists for every task as editor for editing, one for album making, one for shooting and recording purpose, also for preparing colour copies from the black one.

iii) Opportunities:

  • # if you shoot for the marriages then in the month of April, may June and dec, your earning must be high, as all are wedding seasons.
  • # If you are wild life photographer then you have heavy chances in spring and autumn.
  • # If you possess small commercial studio then you have all time customers for passports and visas copies.
  • # Also for the other rituals in like child naming ceremony, pre wedding photo shoot, baby shower, etc.
  • # Also, commercial advertisements are all season ready with different products to shoot with.

iv) Threats:

  • # Tough competition is the biggest threat.
  • # Also misuse of any commercial and confidential things may risks your business.
  • # Customer satisfaction is must otherwise it like a biggest challenge.


  • # Customer
  • # order placed      
  • # budget final
  • # placed appointment
  • # shoot or record or click   
  • # photos generated and videos edited
  • # copies created
  • # album making,binding done  
  • # payment and delivery


  • # Initial capital: you need initial capital high, as because you have to buy any place for studio, or if you rented it then also you have to give deposit money to owner.
  • # Dark Room: you necessarily need dark room for the generation of colour from the black copies or rolls. This is important area in the studio, where all technical work done.
  • # Studio expenditure: you have to setup your studio as per the need, I mean all interiors have to be made like professional so that clients gets attract. Or you have to recreate themes in that place,
  • # Furniture: you have to arranged various types if stools and chairs in your place .so that client may pose properly and have modern look in picture.
  • # Cameras and video shooting accessories: this are the most important part of whole business, as say your business depends on this also. So,S no compromise with quality and quantity of cameras.
  • # Lights and focuses: this adds extra effect to the picture taken and refresh those photographs. Also you can adjust lights and contrast with them.
  • # Electricity: no need of telling its role, but though also your setup is all useless until and unless this works. If they are portable also but need charging to survive.
  • # Shooting scheduling: always have look at your appointments and schedules .as missing any create nuisance in your business.
  • # Albums and video tapes: this are extra services you have to provide to customers but are necessary one.

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