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Water Distribution Business Ideas

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Water the important and most essential source of our life. Since our childhood we are learning that water is more valuable than money, it gives life to everyone that money can’t buy that is proved quite wrong because in this world of technology we can buy water whenever we need it and can be affordable to everyone. Though life has a lot that life essentials things we get free up to now can be converted into profitable businesses. But it proves sometimes most useful as in case of difficulty, when we were travelling to any place it is not possible to carry that much amount of water for all your journey, then this water distribution business proves boon to us and can be easily hand-able also.

There are various services which are served to customers as per the need of the place and time ,like mineral water bottle, packaged mineral water bottle, mineral water packaged cans, distilled water cans for car batteries and invertor batteries, local cans for domestic purposes, drinking water cans for household use, sachets of mineral water, etc. Thusstrting water distribution business is profitable.


The following are the case studies of famous mineral water distribution brands:

Himalayan: this brand is the only natural mineral water in India awarded by Germany institute. This is brand co powered by Tata group also. This water distribution business made successful by its service and quality they provide. Their quality of water is known for its progress and they maintained it.

Oxy-rich: as per their tagline and statement only water in India having 300% oxygen, gives customer more attraction towards brand. So impressive tagline and quotes is essential to impress customers.



  • This water distribution business comes under the category of essential needs.
  • This mineral water packaging doesn’t require as much machineries as other manufacturing plant requires.
  • There is various competitor in market but this business always make profit as monopoly due water necessities.
  • The profit margin over the water distribution business is more than other businesses.


  • The major difficulty in running out this business is availability of water.
  • The manufacturing plant must be setup where there is need of more water distribution but if there is scarcity of water then you will have to make transportation, this increases your expenses.
  • Need to be very cautious about the adding the chemicals and mineralising process, otherwise it will be dangerous.
  • Demand is seasonal and mostly in tourist places.


  • This business of mineral water bottle distribution is in high demand as availability increase in retail shops.
  • This business is rushing tourism.
  • This is benefitting to rural populations also and increasing their usage of mineral water adds the opportunity to more people.


  • Alike every business foreign franchise is set to capture Indian market, while Indian brands also playing monopoly.
  • It is hazardous to environment.
  • Government rules and norms regarding pricing.
  • Convenience of water purifiers leads to decreases its sale.


The water distrubution


The legal procedure for the starting any water distribution business are as follows:

  • Incorporation certificate
  • Registration of VAT
  • GST Registration
  • Taxes on service registration also
  • Establishment of license
  • Business plan
  • LLCs operating agreement
  • Terms of use and privacy policies documents
  • Bylaws
  • Insurance
  • MoU


The financial expenditure for the setting up of water distribution business and manufacturing plant of mineral water bottle:

Owning up of plot for manufacturing unit: this water distribution business is huge business to set up. It requires lot of resources and major one is own land for starting business. owning a land is must step or can be rented also for the construction of business unit. It costs it’s expenses in almost lakhs depending upon the locality.

Building a manufacturing plant or constructing a building: for construction of any plant or manufacturing unit, requires lot of expenses and cost. This much be as costly as owning a land. It almost gets expensive up to many lakhs.

Setting up of machinery and equipment’s in the plant: depending upon the type of process and requirement this machinery costs. But these are also very costly and requires maintenance with the setting cost.

Water source availability or construction of borewell, well: these is major factor for the water distribution business as it like a major raw material for business, but doesn’t cost as much as manufacturing unit and plot owning.

Raw materials: the raw material requires here is so cheap and easily available.

Export of water bottle: in water distribution you have choice whether you can start another manufacturing unit of plastic bottles and cans or export it. Usually at starting people exports it and after sometime they start their own.

Packaging: this doesn’t require so much cost but machinery requirement is their which are fully automated and employees too.

Transportation vehicles: transportation is the key factor in water distribution business and it requires lot pf efforts for it. Also, vehicles maintenance have to be done also.


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