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Ice Cream Parlour Business Plan

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 Living in the land of tropical countries, where almost sunny climates are available averagely. Then in such atmosphere ice cream business is the niche food to be money-spinning. As there are enhancement of technology and innovations in almost every field, Ice cream business has also made some drastic changes in its taste, making, flavours etc. there is the availability of many more flavours, patterns, types in the ice creams than before. Traditionally ice cream is just the cold food with some two or three typical flavours like mango, strawberry, vanilla, but not now this has become the commercial business of many big companies. In-fact ice cream manufacturing companies are earning in almost double than their expenses from small factories also.

Ice cream is the food that are liked by everyone from small kids to the older also. And the reasons they are gaining such popularity and changing trends is all due to influence of western culture. Ice cream business not only run at big commercial factories but also can be started homemade ice cream business, they are profitable too.


The following are the case studies of ice cream parlour business:

Amul ice cream business franchise:  as we all know that Amul is Asia’s largest food and dairy products company having originally started from dairy products. But then the on growing business of ice cream makes Amul invest in that sector, as all the ingredients needed for the ice cream already available at Amul dairy collection company so that firm plays smart marketing and start6s its own manufacturing unit of ice cream. Amul’s expansion of business in the ice cream sector makes him successful in this also.

Kwality wall’s: the kwality wall’s is also the not originally ice cream comp0any but the Hindustan Uniliver investment in the ice cram business franchise India’s top growing ice cream businesses. The reason for the success of this franchise so rapidly is the service they provided to the customers. Also, the creation of best customers base.


i) Strength

  • # Ice cream parlour can also be household business with commercial big firm business too.
  • # In the manufacturing of the ice creams more labour are needed, so employment is generated.
  • # This ice cream business is providing customised service to the clients as per the variety, type, price, colour, taste, packaging etc.

ii) Weakness

  • # Starting an ice cream factory requires investments and big machineries.
  • # Ice cream parlour and ice cream manufacturing company both requires high maintenance.
  • # Transportation cost is maximum as it needed to travel in cold storage only.

iii) Opportunities

  • # Ice cream shops has the opportunities by tying-up with food chain suppliers and the restaurants.
  • # In case of retail ice cream shops or ice cream parlour buying a mobile van for the ice cream delivery and selling on streets are profitable too.
  • # Making the contacts with the event management agencies and big companies for the supply of ice cream in their events, parties, concerts, marriages, birthdays etc.

iv) Threats

  • # Increasing of big companies’ franchise is big threat to small retailers and household small ice cream business.
  • # Changing of FSSAI guidelines and FCI rules also.
  • # Western countries have capturing markets of Asian countries of ice cream business.


Below represent the 5 p’s of marketing plan strategy of ice cream parlour business:

  • # Product: the most important part of any business is the product. As per the ice cream business the ice cream is the main product along with pastries, cones, waffles, shakes, soda drinks are the additional products. The main product must be of very good quality and quantity getting along the price must not compromising. Also, all the varieties available in market are available in the parlour and of every type must be included.
  • # Promotions: while promoting use all traditional methods of advertising as they are effective so much. Also, they are promote using social media and blogs, websites too.
  • # Public relations: maintaining public relations are must as they provide most of the clients and customers to the business initially. Also, public contact must be kept good for the future contracts and more supply of ice cream in their respective events.
  • # Price: the best marketing is done with the variations of the pricing of the products as it attracts every type of clients. initially keep price at low and when customers trust is gained starts varying it as per the demand. Also keep it reasonable so that middle class and poor which contains the majority of share can purchase it.
  • # Presentation: The product which looks good or which eye catches its appearance sells more. So, the presentation of ice cream must be done beautifully and use more colourful patterns and edible colours in it, to look good. Also, the display counter must be decorated beautifully with shimmer lights and attractive colours. The packaging of ice cream must be pretty.


The following is the cycle of ice cream business generally observed:

  1. # Company orders
  2. # Manufacturing firm
  3. # Company’s supplier
  4. # Wholesale distributor
  5. # Local Wholesaler
  6. # Retailer/ ice cream parlour
  7. # Customer


  • # Shop or manufacturing unity
  • # Electricity supply
  • # Cold storage
  • # Raw material of dairy like milk, gelatine, different essences, flavoured product, serving particles etc.
  • # Big containers for the making, mixing and serving
  • Blenders and manufacturing machines
  • # Packaging facilities
  • # Transportation cold storage vans

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