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Work From Home Real Estate Assistant

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Earning from home is a plan of different people, but each job has its own restriction like need skill, vocal communication, location to reach, limited income, responsibility of work. So this work of property consultant is free from particular skill, very good communication and have high range of income. Hence people who have good knowledge of their local area can use this data to earn money from home, no need of office, furniture, skill, etc. Number of local property brokers are providing this service at 2 percentage of deal price, means as per cost of property one can 2 percentage of total amount as consultant fees. Now few question arrive in mind that when work from home real estate assistant than how people come to know about you and how you come to know that which property is on sale.


  • # Number of big property consultant provide this service from decades and earn a handsome amount each year. This work is getting easy by digital world where online website reduce this reach cost and increase new customer identity. In this field many giant websites are providing this service of searching home, flat, land, shops, etc but biggest gap for beginner is local body trust as these website are not local, not having local office, agent, etc.
  • # So beginner can put their field knowledge with other. These sites do not have any process to directly verify the property and nor have current status that property is sold or not. So this information increase your trust to buyer for providing support, resolve queries, reduce fake comments, etc.
  • # Some of webportal provide are onlinehouse, magicbricks, housing, 99acres, etc. Each of webportals provide sale and rental information for house, flat, plot, land, shop, complex, etc. Here local property broker, consultant can register and submit new / old properties. These online portal provide ads of local consultant property to the visitor hence this directly increase reach of real estate assistant. This innovative idea reduce publicity cost and get genuine users contact details very easily.
  • # Further some properties owners also submit or list their property, so new property information were easily available. These two features of online website help this business to work from home and not need any prior experience.


To get success in business new comer need publicity. Cost of publicity is not affordable for beginner so they should follow below points:

  • # Register in social network platform be active join some of active group where property list.
  • # Create a digital profile on (Property Dealing sites) either rental, sale.
  • # Gain knowledge of property rate as different area, location have different prices per Sq. feet / Meter. This knowledge make a good impact on new buyer.
  • # Reach builders / contact them for their sale of plot, flats, 1BHK house.
  • # Learn some of government laws such as property transfer Tax, Municipal Registration, electricity meter transfer charges, etc. As this basic information help buyer to estimate the purchase cost.
  • # Introduce some other facility as a real estate assistant in form of providing agreement format to the dealing parties, arrange meeting of parties in comfort zone, show property physically or by video (Video reduce cost of travelling and many time buyer visit or see properties 3 to 4 time).
  • # Get complete information of property like owner name, family background of owner, any dispute detail (Court Case), Bank Loan, colony monthly charges, yearly government chage on house, land.


i) Strength

  • # Zero investment home based business
  • # Easily availability of new buyer / seller
  • # High profit in form of commission / consulting fees

ii) Weakness

  • # Anyone can start this business from home
  • # Other consultant may sale same property as owner need money
  • # Unpredictable time of buyer to purchase

iii) Opportunity:

  • # Daily development of new infrastructure
  • # New family buy home / flat after few year they sale
  • # Rental of property is easy

iv) Threat:

  • # Property owner may change their mood for sale
  • # Not all buyer purchase but they visit many property 


Facilities and Space: One separate room in home/shop

Equipment / Technology: Computer, printer 


  1. # Security Deposits / Advance / Token before start of job
  2. # Discount to customer in form of commission
  3. # Calculation of sale time of property
  4. # Transparency of work
  5. # Release of security terms and condition
  6. # Charges as per area of property (Land, Flat, House, Shop, etc)
  7. # Define Working flexibility


Manpower, Electricity, Rent, Transport

Some of Basic question one should find before they start there work are:

  1. # Target audience? (Salaried, Business, Women, Children, Age)
  2. # Property visit medium? (Home Delivery / Counter / Online)
  3. # Pricing calculation as per type of property and number of days to sale?
  4. # How much money one should take as advance/token against any property? How to calculate it?
  5. # How to maintain customer when bulk requirement generate?
  6. # Online startup webportal solution?
  7. # Digital marketing support of work?
  8. # What to put in property websites to create profile as a beginner?
  9. # How to increase team of other home based real estate assistant?

Get answer of above question from industry people of same domain by paying 6$ or 450 Rs.

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